Stay Cool at these 5 Tropical Vacation Destinations

Dreaming of Mai Tais? Daiquiris? Native cocktails you happily can’t pronounce? Then it’s time to figure out where you’re going this Summer with our top 5 tropical vacation destinations for July and August. It’s that time of year when our usual tropical vacation spots turn rainy and buggy and hot, which is fine if you find walks in the rain romantic, but for those of us who want dry, warm beaches, it’s time to head South of the Equator and to parts unknown around the globe.

Places causing a buzz this year are Shoal Bay in Anguilla, Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands, Ifaty in Madagascar, Langkawi in Malaysia, and Trancosa in Brazil. These destinations offer a wide range of cultural pursuits and sight-seeing, a breathtaking and varied terrain, great weather, and spectacular sandy beaches.

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1. Shoal Bay Anguilla – If you’re looking for white sandy beaches so bright it hurts your eyes and places where you can truly sit all day under a hammock with a book, then Shoal Bay is the place for you.

2. Peter Island or Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands – The first has 5 private beaches with beach side hot tubs and pools. A true luxury vacation and Sandy Cay is a nature preserve with incredible snorkeling.

3. Ifaty, Madagascar – Madagascar is an island with 4 different climates from lush to desert and all of them stunning, which makes this a beautiful and interesting vacation destination. July and August even has whale sightings.

4. Trancoso, Brazil – Laid back and a little Boho with sweeping curves of golden sand.  

5. Langkawi, Malaysia – The St. Regis has recently opened there. It’s a tropical paradise of turquoise waters and over 900 islands so you can easily pick your own “semi-private” spot.

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Have a wonderful Summer!




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