Socks and Heels -- We Double Dare You


Novelty Socks

PHOTO CRED: Harper's Bazaar


Socks and heels have come a long way. It's no longer reserved for runways and the fashionably liberal. Novelty socks, in particular, are popping up left, right and center on those adventurous spirits who are not afraid to "toe the line." What was once upon a time confined to the deep recesses of the home and stocking stuffers, is making sock-waves on a street side near you.

Celebrities like Rihanna have given us much to think about. In fact, this year, Riri released her latest collection of novelty socks in collaboration with Stance. It’s a red carpet collection, where we can see some of her most daring outfits emblazoned on these toe huggers. Think circa 2014, C.F.D.A. Fashion Awards … a ravishing Riri in a see through dress, with nothing else but 230,000 Swarovski Crystals and a nude thong. Well ... now you can now relive the moment on your feet!


Rihanna Stance Novelty Socks

PHOTO CRED: Daily Mail

Whether you go for fun and quirky or netted and flirty, this style is a great way to stand out and make a statement. And we promise, you can totally wet your feet with one of these styles without feeling way out there. In fact, we double dare you! We looked high and low to find some of the most creative combinations to get you on your way. Enjoy!


1. With a Furry Heel 

Socks and fur heels

 PHOTO CRED: Pinterest


2. With Cropped Jeans

Socks and Heels with Cropped Jeans

PHOTO CRED: Pinterest 


3. With an Open-Toe Mule

Socks and Mules



4. With Chunky Sandals

Socks with Chunky Sandals

PHOTO CRED: Kikaysikat


4. With Fancy Kicks

Socks with fancy kicks

PHOT CRED: Style Sonata 


5. With a Pop Color Sock

Pop Color Socks with HeelsPHOTO CRED: Pinterest


6. Color Matched

Socks and HeelsPHOTO CRED: Me Appropriate Style


7. With Platform Heels

Styling Ideas for Socks and Heels




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