Clean Slates & Slate Grey

Quill Climber EarringsLana Earrings, Needle Necklace

 I went to bed last night determined to wake up the next morning and turn over a new leaf. Clean slates are awesome. I went for a crack-of-dawn jog in the freshest, lightest air. I meditated. I planned. When I got back inside, I executed. This is the beauty of emptying the canvas and creating new possibilities.

Today, we felt like playing with slate grey. Such a simple, calming color. We have an amazing collection of gunmetal and sterling silver accessories that feature geometric shapes, interesting precious stones and their own special stories. We hope you will get a chance to declutter this week and feel that renewing energy that is right around the corner. Enjoy!


xoxo, SS


Image #2 & #3 courtesy of Amanda Pearl



Lana Earrings  |  Needle Necklace with White Sapphires  |  Curve Quill Climber Earrings  | Quill Bypass Ring

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