Scarves are here to stay

Elevate your outfit with a scarf

You can change and update your look with a single accessory, a scarf. Scarves have always played an important role in fashion throughout history. A scarf is said to be worn by Queen Nefertiti and she is said to have fashioned her scarf tightly around her head with a conical headdress. The Chinese, emperor Cheng to be specific, used scarves as a military ranking for the higher ups. Later, Croatia continued this tradition with their military.
For the most part up until the 19th century scarves were used for cleaning cloths or for dabbing perspiration. However, soon fashion designers saw potential, with great designs on fabrics coming out of exotic regions like India.
The house of Hermes in 1837, was the first to design ready to wear silk scarves with graphic prints. They even have a deck of cards illustrating how to tie them.

How to style a scarf

Today high-end designers produce scarves that are collector’s items, many collaborate with artists on one of a kind designs..
How to style a scarf
New technologies in fabrics, and getting back to hand made designs and sustainability will keep scarves in the forefront as Fashion, Art and warmth for years to come.
Images: Yandex / The positive window / Style Bubble


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