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Woo Hoo! It’s Festival Season.  Great as this is, with so many great festivals all around the world to choose from, it can be tough deciding where to go.  Equally tough? Choosing the right accessories to bring for a four day stay with total strangers. To take some of the stress off your shoulders and keep things fun, we've created a short quiz that will tell you where to go and what to wear when you get there!

Festival Quiz

    1. You love 60's fashion and as far as you are concerned, a fringe leather bag is never out of style? Y/N
    2. You’re all about finding little known festivals in dark places that feature dj’s you’ve never heard of? Y/N
    3. You like big festivals that are established and where you know what to expect? Y/N
    4. You’ll travel anywhere, trek through anything to get to an exotic location for a cool festival? Y/N



 Burning Man Festival | Nevada California

Burning Man, Music Festivals, music festival fashion, jewelry, accessories

If you said Yes to # 1 Chances are, you are a Boho gal. Festivals like Burning Man in Nevada, California or the relatively new FYF Festival in Los Angeles would be a great fit and if you have the itch to travel and like rainbow colored sheep, then the Lattitude festival in the UK could be just the ticket. To get you outfitted, this fun leather fringe handbag is a classic.  Our unique gold and diamond ring is striking and the two tone pendant will go with everything while the crystal earrings will help you channel all those good vibes. 

Boho Festival Collection

Boho leather bags, designer fringe handbag, unusual gold ring, artisanal pendant necklace, crystal earrings

Moss Minx Handbag / Black Diamond Circle Ring / Two Tone Pendant / Gold Crystal Earrings 

Exit Festival, Croatia

Exit Music Festival, Music Festivals, accessories, jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, gold jewelry, handbags

If you said YES to #2, then you want the Exit Festival in Croatia complete with dark castle and moat or perhaps the Magnetic Fields festival in India. Not only will you discover a new culture that hasn’t been as influenced by the West as most  but the music and the ambiance will be all that an electro, punk and rock lover desires. Space is tight when you're dancing with thousands of people. We aren't suggesting you be unfriendly,  but the spiked messenger bag will likely give you a few inches of space.  Just in case people don't take you seriously, we've added thorn earrings, this edgy snakeskin bracelet and silver bullet pendant (just in case of Wherewolves). 

Edgy Festival Collection

Spiked leather jewelry, leather cuff, rocker jewelry, bullet pendant, Exit Music Festival

Quill Thorn Earrings / Watchband Bracelet / Torn Pendant Necklace / Spiked Messenger Bag


Coachella Festival, Palm Springs 

Coachella, Music Festivals, Music festival fashion, Best Music Festivals in the world

If you said YES to #3, congrats, you know what you want and what you like. What’s the right festival for you? Why Coachella of course, or perhaps Glastonbury in England if you have the bucks to travel. These are still definitely two of the biggest and best festivals around the globe. The new look of Coachella is clean and modern, so a simple bucket bag and understated jewelry will totally do the trick. Keep it simple and easy with a pretty gold pendant, designer diamond earrings, and diamond stacking rings. 

Classic Festival Collection

gold pendant, diamond earrings, diamond rings, artisanal jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, black leather bucket bag

Sienna Bucket Handbag / Ruffle Pendant with Diamonds / Diamond Dart Earrings / Diamond Puzzle Stack Rings

Fuji Festival, Japan

Fuji Festival, Best Music Festivals, Festival Jewelry, handbags, gold jewelry, designer handbags

If you said YES to #4 good for you! You are willing to put in the effort to get to somewhere amazing. Check out the Fuji Rock festival in the high moutains of Japan that's only reachable by cable car, or the Meadows in the Mountains festival in Bulgaria, or the Splendour in the Grass festival in Australia. Whichever you choose, you're going to be doing some trekking, which means this camo camera bag would be perfect for carrying what you need and looking totally prepared at the same time. To get the look of a world traveler, it's good to pick up some ethnic earrings like these colorful laser cut styles that go beautifully with this silk feather necklace. A simple gold band completes the look. 

 Explorer Festival CollectionDesigner camera bags, camo bag, dangle earrings, laser cut earrings, pendant necklaces, feather pendant, gold ring

Camo Camera Bag / Laser Cut Earrings / Precious Squares Ring / Diamond  Feather Silk Necklace 

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