Perfect Pair --- Handbag Edition


We're not usually trend-chasers. We kinda like what we like, and love going against the grain. Every now and then, however, a trend comes out with our names on it. Anyone who knows our team at Style Sonata, knows that some of us (not calling names!) are queens of sporting multiple handbags. To be honest, this is more a function of practicality than style. However, some time ago, the fashion deity decided that this would actually be a trend. All's well that ends well, right? We put together a few pairs that piqued our interest, hoping to get your juices flowing. Go ahead and take a browse and think of some combos that speak to you. Think tote + cross body. Or two small cross body hadbags paired together. Go wild! Enjoy :-)




Tre Clutch |  June Tote  |  Black Laces Tote  |  Spiked Leather Clutch

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