On the Go and Looking Fabulous

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 This is the time to pull out your favorite kicks and get up and go! Hiking, jogging ... nature walks. Whatever tickles your fancy. The most effective way to do it, is to just do it. 

We've put together a few accessories that will help you get on the go. We've been totally obsessed with fitness tracking. We even got an app recently that trains us as we jog. Yes - this is the age of technology. We included this week, a line of amazing accessories for those fit bit ladies out there who understand that there is never a need to not look fabulous. We hope you get moving this week! Enjoy!


xoxo, SS




 1. Leather Backpack  | 2. Fitbit Charge Bracelet  |  3. Zag Shades  |  4. Fitbit Flex Necklace  

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