Obsessed with Black Rhodium

Obsessed with Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Needle NecklaceAndrea Gutierrez Black RhodiumAndrea Gutierrez Black Rhodium


We've found a new obsession and it's called Black Rhodium. It's by no means new, but it's funny how contexts and impressions can shed a new light on things. Specifically ... when the dripping sexy Adonis Bosso donned the Large Gold Needle Necklace for Elle South Africa not too long ago, let's just say we saw the light. And it was blinding! *Squint*. Frankly, Adonis could shed a new light on just about anything. We are only human. *Sigh*

Digressions aside though, Style Sonata's collection of black rhodium accessories is so scrumptious, it legit makes us hyperventilate. Rubies to sapphires ... nothing but royal gems for this royal metal. So peep out our collection. Let us know if we're exaggerating! Hoping you'll see the light *wink*.


xox, SS


Images: Adonis Bosso for Elle South Africa

Photo Credit for product shot of Jewelry: www.eliotolot.com

Photographer: Mathieu Bitton

Stylist: Chief Ugo Mozie



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