No Ordinary Cocktails

No Ordinary Cocktails

 Summer is such a wonderful time for doing two of our favorite things: one, dusting off our flirting skills by catching the eye of a cute boy or girl and two, having an excuse to try new and delicious cocktails… all in the name of staying cool of course. What better way to catch someone’s eye than by flashing your hand wearing rings that were designed to attract attention? We’ve compiled a curated collection of beautiful designer cocktail rings to do just that. Did you know that the definition of cocktail ring is “designed to catch the eye?” Hmm, sounds great, doesn't it? But what about those cocktails you ask? Not to worry, we’ve scoured the globe to find new updates on classics and introduce you to brand new  cocktails that range from “hmm, that’s interesting,” to “give me that recipe!” And just for fun, we’ve paired each cocktail with one of our beautiful designer gold, silver, diamond, pearl and semi-precious stone rings. Hey, why not kill two birds with one stone?

We begin our journey in Indonesia at the Akademi Bar in Bali. Owned by mixologist legend Dre Masso and Ronald Akili, they are creating new frontiers in the area of cocktails by using raw native ingredients like nutmeg and the tamarind flavored fruit Assam Kranji. 

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Photo Courtesy of Cool Hunting
Assam Karinji, Akademie Bar, Bali + Oxidized White Gold and Sapphires Ring

The Dos Alas by NYC bar Decoy has created a thirst quenching blend of coconut water and rum that will leave you feeling light as a feather. 

Summer Cocktails, Designer jewelry, moonstone rings, designer jewelry

Photo Courtesy of Town and Country.
Dos Alas, Decoy Bar, NYC + Green Amethyst Cocktail Ring

Mezcal has been on the rise in popularity and we're almost ready to fly to New York to taste the Wild Card by Bacchanal which combines Hefeweizen with ginger beer, raspberries, Mezcal and a host of other delicious ingredients. 

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Photo courtesy of Town & Country
Wild Card, Bacchanal in NYC + Rose Gold Moonstone Ring

Vodka drinkers will love In the Ivy, a drink served at Juniper and Ivy in San Diego composed of berries, Riesling, orange blossom infused vodka and lemon juice. Yummmm! 

Summer Cocktails, flower rings, diamond rings, cocktail rings, designer jewelry

Photo courtesy of Town and Country.
In the Ivy, Juniper and Ivy, San Diego + Diamond Flower Ring

Quench your thirst with the Bellevue by Forty 1 North in Rhode Island, a delicious blend between a Mojito and an Old Fashioned which sounds strange but actually combines the best of bourbon, citrus and mint. 

Summer Cocktails, Pearl Rings, gold rings, designer jewelry

Photo Courtesy of Town and Country
Bellevue, Forty 1 North, Rhode Island + Freshwater Pearl Ring

With the Fourth of July around the corner, the Blue Havaiyee created by NYC’s Rum House is perfect for celebrating Independence Day with it’s bright red, white and blue colors.

Summer Cocktails, ruby rings, gold rings, designer jewelry

Photo Courtesy of Town and Country
Blue Havaiyee, Rum House, NYC + Diamond Anemone Ring

Not adventurous enough? Make sure to catch next year’s World Cocktail Day in the UK. It’s a competition that invites top bars and liquor brands to design cocktails that are perhaps more art than delicious. Take Tony Conigliaro, owner of the hot new Untitled bar’s cocktail Snow that is designed to taste like cement in honor of Andy Warhol’s warehouse. Cheese lovers might like the savory Pear and Cheese Martini created by Bar Aqua Shard and is composed of cheese washed Ketel One, pear, lemon and an egg white. Gives whole new meaning to the phrase “drink your meal.”

Pear & Cheese Martini : Photo by Aqua Shard




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