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My Dinner with Andrea

by Style Sonata |

Featuring: Jeans | Sunglasses (1)  (2) | Watches (1)  (2) | Shoes | Handbag

The topic of conversation was vintage, my friend and I both love the direction, so, we asked ourselves... what is considered to be authentically vintage? Something that is recognized, classic and of importance. We both agreed.

I personally, love a mixture of contemporary with vintage, think of new and old complimenting and  balancing.
We wanted to go to a place for dinner that served salads with a classical twist, and we spoke at length about what is trending, in the way of fashion and the way designers are incorporating elements of the past with the present.
We concluded: Everything from Food, to Style, to Art, becomes more fascinating when it makes you feel something familiar and something extraordinary simultaneously.
Of course Andrea drives a vintage car.
I do not.

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