Today’s Topic: White Lie vs. Change of Subject

Every Wednesday, I have lunch with my girlfriends. We spend the hour gabbing about TV shows, dissecting our own family drama, and examining each other’s outfits, accessories, new hair styles. Last week, one of the girls—let’s call her Shana—was pestering us all for opinions on the new shoes she had spent nearly two paychecks on.

I won’t bore your with the details but they were high and shiny and furry and I thought if I got too close I may have been bitten. Okay—I hated them. All of us did and we all knew it. But no one could tell her. Shana was just too amped up and proud of her exorbitant purchase. So to dissuade from the dead…err… RAT in the middle of the room, I turned my attention onto her amazing clutch bag for some proper gushing.

The girls followed my lead and collectively we all crowed over the colorfully exotic blend and patterns. Why should anyone of us have made Shana feel badly? Obviously, the shoes spoke to her primal nature and brought out her animal instinct. Who are we to judge?

Lucky for Shana—and for us!—she has always had impeccable taste in bags. {wipes brow}

xoxo Suzanne Simonetti



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