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Ever have a craving?

Ever have a craving?

This week it was for tacos!Kogi Truck

One of my favorite weekly past times back in the day ... soon to be reinstated -- Food Trucks! If you live on the East Coast or West Coast, you know exactly what I'm talking about. These are your down and dirty ... tacos in a cardboard box ... soul food ... sauce dripping ... finger licking good stuff.

Kogi Truck, LA

Holy macaroni. Words can't express my obsession with food truck tacos. They have that swag sauce. Dripping. So much style, grit and panache. They offer a mexican/asian fusion, with this mix of flavors that is simply orgasmic. There's no other way to describe it. The first time I tried a  short rib Taco ... I literally said a prayer the world is a better place with the food truck. 

Tacos from Kogi

Kogi Tacos

At Style Sonata, we believe in emerging talent; we crave the unique and undiscovered. We love sharing these intriguing experiences that transport you in different ways. Not just in fashion ... but in life. Sometimes it's not just about the big, flashy, spotlights. Beauty is sometimes on that offbeat. So add some sauuuwse to your day with a trip to your local food truck, and just relish in the culture, the flavor, the artistry and passion. Leave a comment below, let us know where you're from and what your favorite food truck is!

Hoping your day is everything you dreamed of. 



Take a browse through some of our own emerging, influential artists with that dripping, hot swag sauce! 

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