Jean Genie

We all have our favorite pair of jeans. The super-powered, perfect jeans that make us feel invincible.
These are the jeans that fit just right, feel just right and make us look fabulous. Depending on what specific desires and needs you’ve invested in your jeans, they could make you look taller, thinner, curvier – the check list is as long and varied as there are different types of women.
The favored cuts and styles vary from woman to woman as well, because this is one area in particular where we are all individually perfect, but far from equal.
The common denominator is inevitably that our favorite jeans make our butts look great. Why bother otherwise?
Try to separate you from your favorite pair of jeans and no doubt, we’d have a fight on our hands.
Rest assured, we understand. We are however, happily obligated to tell you that there is such a surprisingly large array of different denim choices available now, you may want to consider trying something new.
The number one style trend in jeans currently is cropped and flared. Perfect for helping you show off your favorite new spring shoes and sandals to full advantage.
Since 90’s fashions are trending right now, so are 90’s jean styles. Both Raver jeans, also referred to as Skater Jeans and high-waisted jeans are super-popular.
Hems take center stage with styles that are unfinished, others that boast hems so fringed, they’ll remind you of a hula skirt. HUGE turn-ups are both stylish and handy for the vertically challenged.
Distressed jeans are popular enough to make you tempted to pull out a pair of scissors and hop on board. If you’d rather add to your jeans, rather than taketh away, embroidered denim is right on point.
Denim culottes give you another perfect excuse to show off the finest footwear of your choice.
Finally, the Boyfriend jean is here, but this time around we have what’s been dubbed the French Boyfriend. They’re loose and comfortable, but slightly more tapered than the original Boyfriends.



“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.” Yves Saint Laurent



Feature images: @oraclefox | @Levi's | @nawo

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