I may be bad with names… But I never forget a GREAT BAG!

Handbags are like cell phones—women all carry one wherever we go. And like our clothing, they are a reflection of who and what we are about. They give a snapshot into our personalities. And we ladies love to fawn over other women’s bags, don’t we?

We’ve all experienced those uncomfortable moments of running into someone we have recently been introduced to but can’t for the life of us remember her name. Awkward. Surely it has happened for me more times than I’d care to admit. As one who thrives on the finer details, I am drawn to the accents of a person’s look, which distracts me from anything unrelated to her appearance.


So if you ever come across another woman and you happen to be toting a FABULOUS handbag which has her salivating at first glance, please know: While she may have done the two-step over your name, rest assured she will never forget you OR your remarkable taste.

xoxo Suzanne Simonetti



  • Tom Squitieri

    It often is the first thing you notice — and one of the beauty of the bag is it is yours and shaded by you, from head to toe. Thus, if someone for any reason manages to grab the same bad, it matters not — they will never have your ensemble.. and when they see you, their bag will sag. Choose wisely and frequently.

  • LYN Davis Genelli

    Beautiful bags, and nice to see that they’re relatively reasonably priced. One of the things I like about Style Sonata is that they show great stuff at a variety of price points.

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