How to transition into fall with Sneakers

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How to take sneakers from day to evening and still look kool.
I love to shop and wear an awesome pair of very high heels but as much as I feel tall and in-powered I’m in pain and wanting to take them off by the end of the day let alone going out all night.
In comes the sneaker revolution and a plethora of sneakers to choose from. As we start putting away our designer sandals, getting our cooler weather clothes and shoes out. There’s no better time to up your game with some new sneakers. With so many brands, colors and sneaker lines to choose from an novice sneaker buy can easily get over whelmed.
Featuring: The Oda Stacking Ring / Narrow Bridge Ring
The one pair I have been loving and wearing nonstop Adidas Superstar. Not only can I wear them with a pair of jeans or slacks from Everlane to work but. I can keep rocking them to events at night with a fast change.
A long line sexy dress makes with a pair of Nike Air Max not only makes you look slick but hip, cool and comfortable. Nothing more appealing that a women with a smile on her face.

Long slinky, sexy dresses and sneakers make the ultimate evening ensemble.

The trick is to do opposites with metallics textures in your fabrics than op for a solid color. If your look is one solid color than add major bling with accessories, stack metallic necklaces or a statement earring even a gold handbag with some Gucci Flashtreks.

Not only will your presents be known but you will have the true strong hip confidently (feet in bliss) look as you walk across the room.




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