From Ruffles with Love

When we are girls on the threshold of womanhood, either in reality or in our heads, there is absolutely nothing more abhorrent than the notion of dresses with ruffles. Donning the frilly, princess ruffles we played dress-up in as children seems as stifling to our sophistication as skipping down the street singing our A, B,C’s.The ruffle trend is the season's take on embellishment and are truly one of the most architectural aspects in clothing design. When worn in appropriate doses and with the right accessories, anyone can wear ruffles without fear of looking either girlish or unsophisticated.Ruffles add softness to tailoring, movement to minimalist offerings, and always, a sense of charm and drama to an outfit. The sculptural swirls and swells otherwise known as ruffles exude femininity — a dainty effect that flutters in the breeze.With plays on masculine-versus-feminine esthetics becoming more and more popular, designers are using ruffles on materials like pinstripes to keep unisex looks from looking totally androgynous. Whether they're framing the face or spiraling off the hips, ruffles build the foundation of a dramatic evening look.Do keep in mind that ruffles act as their own accessory, so keeping your jewelry minimal is a key to avoid looking overdone.If they're snaking around your neck or cascading down your shoulder, pull your hair back in a sleek style so it doesn't interfere. Designers are offering all-over ruffles in show stopping styles, but when being used to add a ‘touch' of femininity, just a ‘touch’ should be taken literally because by design ruffles are feminine.If you would prefer a look that whispers, rather than shouts, all you really need is a ruffle at the bottom of a skirt or dress or across one shoulder on a blouse. Every woman who is hoping to create a fuller visual to her bust area can count on ruffles to add a bit of extra dimension to her décolletage. Those hoping to slim their shape can always count on vertical ruffles to draw the eye downward as opposed to across.

“Adornment is never anything, but a reflection of the heart,” Coco Chanel

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