Eyes Wide Shut

It is said that fashion repeats itself every 20 years. Although, in these times of internet fashion, where things seem to be more in hyper-warp speed, almost anything goes. Once you recognize the silhouettes of past fashion trends (and by that I mean “eras”) then you can recognize where designers frequently find their inspiration … good or bad, it’s all up to you.
Squint your eyes at an outfit in a shop window, focus only on the outline and shape on the mannequin, and ignore all the accessories and details of the clothing. Now you are seeing only the contour. Portraits define the important moments in fashion history.

The Hourglass is from the Victorian corset era, circa 1880-1889. No, Kim Kardashian didn’t start this trend with her waist training corsets young ones. Hourglass pops back up in the 50’s, and so on it goes.
What’s new are the little tweaks, new fabrics, new colorways and the details of the garments themselves.

How about those cat-eye glasses that are so much fun, in all their various colors and quirky shapes, they are actually from the 50’s Atomic Age. Blue Jeans are from a past era, though now we have updated them in every color and silhouette…boy cut, loose cut, straight leg etc.

So next time you’re out strolling about, pause, look at the mannequins, narrow your eyes and peep through and ask the question ... to which era is homage being paid?


Aurora Wooden Tall Box Clutch




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