Engagement Rings as Unique as She Is

If we see another movie scene where a guy shows his friend a small diamond solitaire engagement ring on a plain band and asks his friend if he thinks “she’ll like it?” We think we might just retch! To quote Alycia Silverspoon in "Clueless" where she says “I just don’t get…boys.” “They put on a dirty shirt, put a cap on backwards over their greasy hair, and we’re expected to swoon?” Ditto the tried and true solitaire. 

Why not take the time to find an incredible, unusual and beautiful engagement ring that is as amazing and unique as she, he or they are? That's right, at C&S, we think engagement rings are for everyone and we think that special someone is worth spending some time shopping for. After all, what’s a little time spent engagement ring shopping when you are planning to ask someone to spend the REST OF THEIR LIFE with you?

Hmm, something to think about, isn't it? To help you out, we've compiled a selection of unusual and designer engagement rings that will fit almost any personality.  From rose gold and diamond rings, to sapphires and quartz. Rings that say things like I’m bold and sweet, I sparkle, and I'm amazing and anything else you might want to say.  So much more permanent than flowers.

One of a kind wedding rings, unusual engagement rings, designer jewelry

1. Black Diamond Modern Cocktail Ring  2. 18K Gold and Diamonds Midnight Sky Ring  3. 18K Gold and Diamonds and Anemone Ring  4. 18K Gold Sapphire, Citrine and Diamonds Midnight Ring  5. 14K Gold Diamond and Smokey Quartz Ring  6. 18K Rose Gold Diamond V Ring


Looking for beautiful wedding bands for that special day? We've compiled some unusual choices that all feature extraordinary craftsmanship. 

One of a kind wedding bands, designer wedding rings, gold and silver jewelryPictured L-R: Rose Gold Ring / 18K Gold Narrow Collar Ring / 18K Gold Band Ring with Diamond / Edge Ring with White Sapphires 









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