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Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother, who provided her with the legendary glass slippers that led to her landing Prince Charming. What must it be like then, to be the Goddaughter of veritable Shoe God, Christian Louboutin?
Just ask very lucky lady Elisa Sednaoui, and she may tell you. Model, actress, and style muse to Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani, Sednaoui is known for her chic, yet seemingly effortless, not too polished, wind-blown style. The brunette beauty, who is part French, Italian and Egyptian, started out as a model in Paris, when she was just 15. It was important to her to finish high school, so her full-time career as both a model and actress began when she turned 18. Sednaoui, who refers to her own personal style as being, “Kind of Left Bank Parisian chic," is a true original and marches to the beat of her own fashion drummer.“I don't really keep up with trends,” she has said. “I like timeless pieces. I also mix classic items with funkier ones, depending on my mood and if I want to be more eccentric or more discreet. Also, I play around with femininity and masculinity.” Often clad in Chanel, Sednaoui can also be seen rocking her Dr. Dre headphones with simple basic T’s and leather pants, or little black dresses and gorgeous staples from Chloe.“The thing with me is that if I like something I tend to wear it all the time (I even recently started buying two of each thing I like), so I reach a point where I just can't look at these items anymore. I then put them away so that I can rediscover and enjoy them again later.” Partial to leather pants, worn with sweaters, Sednaoui’s go-to wardrobe staples are loose, silk blouses from Haider Ackermann. When asked for style advice the Paris-based Sednaoui has said, “Never lock yourself in one style. I like to wear a suit or jeans with a t-shirt and cashmere jumper, and the next day a flowy, floral-patterned long dress.”The mother of young son Jack has seen her style evolve as she has matured. “Maybe I’ve become more daring with time. Like in this picture, I started to like combining things which apparently are not meant to be worn together, like a faux fur and trainers. Since I had my child, however, I generally do enjoy seeing myself more feminine, with heels and showing more of my figure.” “What must it be like, to be the Goddaughter of veritable Shoe God, Christian Louboutin? Just ask very lucky lady Elisa Sednaoui, and she may tell you.”

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