Do you have a word for 2018?

During our weekly lunch, one of the girls—let’s call her Charlene—kept uttering the same word over and over. It was odd, because Charlene has always been the meek one of the bunch and usually the last one to speak. And yet whether it was in response to a question about work or family or shopping, she would squeeze this in again and again. 


You must believe things will work out!

When the time comes, believe you will know what to do!

Believe you deserve to treat yourself to that new bag!


Charlene explained that she always picks a word come every new January. Her word for last year was Focus, and she said it helped her throughout the course of the year. As life threw complications and challenges, she would find herself returning to this word and it helped her to stay on track. 

This made us all think. Charlene encouraged us to claim a word for ourselves; We went around the table to share. Words like Faith, Balance, and Family popped up. We all have things we need to address and look at in our lives and sometimes having a touchpoint is all we need to live the best life we can.


What is your word for 2018? Maybe you should pick one. The answer may surprise you.


xoxo Suzanne Simonetti


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