Complete your boho chic look with these accessories

Tap into your inner Gypsy and add a little boho chic to your style repertoire this season. The bohemian style is marked by free, flowy fabrics in earth tones with sprinkles of color. And the fashion trend has a history that's older than you think. Boho chic fashion was popularized in the 1960s and 70s, but it's roots trace back to the late 1700s on the heels of the French Revolution. Actress Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are credited with bringing this style into the mainstream and in our closets. 

So that's the style, but what about the individual? A Bohemian, in essence, is a creative spirit, untethered by rules and conventions. We love everything about this concept! For boho-fabulous inspiration, we recommend following Ibiza Boho Girl, who has the most inspiring travel stories and fashion inspiration.


PHOTO CREDIT: Ibiza Boho Girl - Blogger.

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We've put together a collection of Boho Chic accessories for the gypsy queens who live on the conceptual fringes of the status quo, and are unbothered by rules. From shell currency and turquoise bracelets, to shark tooth chains and chunky bracelets...this one is for my wanders at heart. Here's a special collection for you!



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