Creating a Unique Look with Stackable Accessories

Your life may be stacked too full of to-do lists, people to see, places to go and time to balance your checkbook, but when it comes to Summer bracelets and rings, there’s no such thing as too much. When it comes to stacking your jewelry, more is more. In fact, Summer is a perfect time to adorn your arms with a mixture of gold, silver and beaded bracelets, gold filigree rings, fun circle rings and semi-precious rings. We also recommend piling on the chokers and pendants. We love the look of mixing long and short necklaces. It’s a great way to frame your face and accent those lovely v-neck tops without showing too much cleavage. The trick to stacking is variety. Piling on bracelets and rings that are all the same will look like too much but if you mix bangles with an assortment of styles the effect will be stunning. We are seeing some beautiful combinations of expensive diamond rings mixed with simpler friendship styles for a delicate yet rich effect that accentuates the hands beautifully. Crystal rings too, are all the rage. So let yourself relax this Summer, adorn yourself like the goddess you are and stack those bracelets and rings! 
Create your own stacking combinations with these unusual pieces from our Stackable Jewelry Collection:


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Large Mini Honey Comb Necklace / Sterling Silver Moon Necklace / Sterling Silver Curved Bar Necklace / Sterling Silver Torn Pendant on Chain
coral bracelets, turquoise bracelet, leather bracelets, designer jewelry, stacking bracelets

Chinese Turquoise and Diamonds Bracelet / Organic Coral Sliced Diamond / Sliced Diamond Shell Currency Leather Cuff









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