Be iconic with The New Trench Coats

It’s Fashion week in NYC with people looking  their finest, it’s also a great time to see trends of all kinds. One trend that was noticeable all over town was the reworking of the classic Trench coat.

Contrary to its name the trench coat wasn’t worn in the trenches of WW1 but that was when this iconic garment started to take shape. These where time of up upheaval it is both a product of the times than and a symbol of it.

But the trench goes much further back in time roughly 100 years back in time to 1823 when Charles Macintosh came up with the “Mack” a rubberized canvas coat for civilian and military use, great at keeping the rain and elements out, but unfortunately made people sweat and keep their body odor inside and to make things smaller the fabric had its own unpleasant smell.

There are many arguments on who first designed the trench as we know it now Burberry or Aquascutum’s, which ever this silhouetted will always be iconic

But since I’m writing a short article let’s just fast forward to 2018 Burberry; not only unveiling their new logo, but they have redesigned the looks for 2018. The trench is the star of many of collections Lara and I have been viewing. An easy staple of fall, trench coats elevate your look and bring sophistication, it’ll be the one coat you don’t want to take off because it MAKES your look.

When picking out a new trench be brave have fun with it. Keep in mind trench coats were made with function in mind and that it is more than just a coat. Consider how you’re going to be layering your new coat, the layers will depend on the weather in your area. That said, take a look at some of what was seen on the street, and on the catwalks, check out the layers and patterns, then go out or get online to shop your own icon look.

Featuring: Bente Ring / Prizm Three Row Cuff / Sling Leather Bag






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