Baby’s Blush

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The empress isn’t wearing any clothes! Or is she? Dusty rose is a color that is sure to make you feel flushed, and while it may evoke warmer months, the shade is also an antidote for less sunny seasons. For the tail end of summer, bask in the sun in a dusty rose duster to look like you’re warming the skin you’re in; remove your shades and everyone will think you’re blushing like a newborn babe. Everything depends on your attitude—and how you dress it up.


Jaws will be dropping at the sight of your rosy décolletage draped in our ancient shark tooth necklace. The centerpiece is surrounded by pristine puka shells from Hawaii and brilliant full-cut diamonds. Too much attention? You’re gonna need a bigger coat.

No need to be bashful wearing Sandy Simonian’s luminous bracelet, which features a strand of moonstones in gradient shades and clinches with a mother-of-pearl shell diamond claw. In fact you may want to bare arms and show off those guns.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow—but Annie’s here today, and you can bet your bottom dollar she’ll complement your rose-colored glances. Designer Shana Luther made her super versatile to meet a woman’s everyday needs: She sports two exterior slip pockets for our most-used items, an interior zippered one, a cell pouch, a detachable strap and four bottom feet.

Annie is made in the U.S. from a top-grain taupe leather.

Photography: Jessica Monroy / Model: Stefanie Williams

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