There's no doubt about it, Chilean's have a sweet tooth:-) It is common to have platters like this beautiful one here brought out to you before you even have your meal. They like to serve dessert the way the French like to serve "Amuse Bouche" (tiny bites to cleanse the palette).  And then? You get three deserts with every meal. I am going through a serious sugar detox. Not all their desserts are sweet. My favorite was the watermelon served with sprinkles of coconut and fresh berries. Plus, the presentation took my breath away. 
The slight burning of these peaches gave them a wonderful smoky, sweet flavor, almost like creme brulee.
This velvety chocolate cake was as moist and delicious as it looks. 
My friend had this dessert so I'm not quite sure what it was, but the colors were just too beautiful not to share. 

The only disappointing dessert we had but so colorful. It's a mix of ice creams and sauces. I think I prefer to stay with the fruit inspired delicacies. 

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