One of the most inspiring things about Chilean food are their avocados. No seriously, the avocados are the most creamy delicious avocado you've ever tasted, everywhere, everyday. I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of their specialties is a reconstituted and fried version where they somehow scoop out the inside, mix it with spices and other ingredients, put it back inside and then flash fry it so that when you tap it, it crumbles open like an egg. Truly spectacular. 
Presentation is everything in Chile and contrary to popular preconceptions, it is a very sophisticated country, particularly when it comes to food. The most popular form of presentation is to add little bits of vines for a fresh out of the garden look and they often serve up selections in appetizer form on beautiful rustic wooden serving trays.

In addition to their beautiful dishes, they also have wonderful charcuterie platters and salads. This was one of my favorites, a gorgeous shrimp salad topped with you guessed it, my favorite avocados!!
This salad mixed beets, hearts of palm and hominy grits. Delicious! 
A delicious seafood soup and fresh lamb chops. Hey wait, where are you going? Have I made you hungry? Wait for me. 


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