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A Guide to Kingston City

A Guide to Kingston City

Kingston City -- the capital of Jamaica ... the pearl of the Caribbean. Our team has a special love for Jamaica. Some of us have visited there, I have lived there.
ABOVE: Views from Stony Hill, Jamaica
Kingston City is, I would say, the pulse of the Island. (Yes, I may be biased!). It has a distinct vibe that can be felt the moment you step off the plane. From the airport, you'll drive on a long road that stretches across a harbor, lined with gargantuan rocks  guarding the crashing waves on the other side. You'll also pass vendors selling fresh coconuts, which they cut right in front of you. Drink it from a little plastic bag, or straight from the husk. It's Jamaica -- the land of "no problem." So here we go ... my Top 5s for Kingston City. Let me know if you have a different list :-) 

Top 5s:

1. Hellshire Beach -- The #1 spot for the freshest, tastiest seafood, served in little huts right on the beach. 

2. Bob Marley Museum -- Little explanation needed. Home of the reggae great, the legend ... the most gorgeous islander, in his time, with limitless swag. 

3. Port Royal --  Located in Kingston Harbor,  this small fishing village is another popular seafood spot. Be sure to check out Gloria's restaurant, which is a local favorite. 

4. Devon House -- One of Kingston's most beloved land marks. Home to the best Jamaican-made ice-cream. Their rum and raison ice-cream  is a real crowd pleaser (most things revolve around Rum in Jamaica).

5. Blue Mountains -- If you're fit and adventurous, try taking a hike in Jamaica's Blue Mountains -- the longest mountain range in Jamaica. The Blue Mountain range is also known for growing some pretty spectacular coffee!



ABOVE: Downtown Kingston. Traditional architecture. (Style Notes)

ABOVE: Hellshire Beach (Globetrotter Stiletto; Jamaica Film Commission)

ABOVE: Minutes after stepping off the plane ... THIS!  (Style Notes)
ABOVE: Kingston City views
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