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72 Hours in Sydney

72 Hours in Sydney

Sydney, AustraliaABOVE: Darling Harbor


In a perfect world, we would have lavish 2-week vacations all the time. However, sometimes the stars simply don't align. It may be that you're going on a business trip, have limited vacation, or only have a long layover worth of time to milk the best of your mini escape. This recently happened to me in Sydney. What could be the most beautiful city I have visited, was mine only for a few days. And the main purpose was business, so It was very difficult to squeeze out time for me. So, here are my adventures in Sydney in 72 hours, interspersed between meetings and conferences. Looking back, I don't think I did too badly at all! I thoroughly enjoyed every single adventure, and will definitely be back. Enjoy! :-) xo


SydneyABOVE: Fairy Bower Pool



1. Cruise on Darling Harbor

This is a non negotiable. If you can catch a sunset, even better! You will see many landmarks while on this cruise, such as the infamous Sydney Opera House. The Opera House is an architectural wonder. I decided a view from the harbor was sufficient enough given my limited time. Captain Cook Cruises is your one stop shop for all harbor activities. I went Whale Watching, and planned to do a High Tea cruise, but time didn't allow.

 Darling Harbor, Sydney

Sydney Opera House


2. Lunch at Fratelli Fresh

This restaurant is at the top of many "best restaurants in Sydney" lists, and after going there, I understand why! Fratelli Fresh is the most scrumptious Italian restaurant ever with ambiance for days. 


Fratelli Fresh, Sydney


3. Bondi Beach

Wowzerz! Bondi Beach is said to be one of the world's most scenic beaches. And I believe them!  No other comments necessary. That is all. This one is another non-negotiable. Be sure to check out Bondi Icebergs Club next door, and take a dip in their salt water pool too.

Bondi Beach


4. Aboriginal Art Museum

My biggest regret is not buying a piece of Aboriginal art. I checked out a few museums, thinking I would return on another day to purchase something. Wrong. Learn from my lesson and live in the moment! I ended up buying something in the airport.

Aboriginal Art


5. Manly

Manly is a quaint little beach town that is home to some amazing views and restaurants. Definitely worth a quick trip if time allows. Be sure to go to Hugos for lunch, and to pass by Cabbage Tree Beach for a little swim.




6. Trip to Taronga Zoo

This was such an enjoyable trip. You can book a cruise pass that includes a Zoo trip, which may work out more economically. Be sure to take the cable car up to the top entrance of the Zoo! Also squeeze in an "up close and personal" encounter with some of the animals. If you're on a limited time budget, prioritize this. The zoo is big and there are wait times.


Taronga Zoo


Finally, I can't end without saying that Sydneysiders are extremely well-dressed! They have easy access to some of the best fashion. You definitely want to throw in some comfy, but nice outfits. Here is a little collection of to get you on your way. 



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