7 Of The Hottest Restaurants in San Francisco Right Now

We are celebrating June with a selection of San Francisco’s latest and greatest restaurants along with our Dining Out Collection of beautiful designer accessories to wear when you visit them. We’ve picked and chosen a variety of places that best represent our Circle and Square love of the individual, unique and one of a kind.





Located in the same building as Heath Ceramics, they feature amazing breads, pastries and unique yet satisfying menu selections that epitomize the idea that food can be as beautiful in its simplicity and artisanal craftsmanship as their coveted dishware. Everything is hand made in house with fresh locally grown ingredients. Check out their website to see their mouth watering selections.



Champagne? Women? What could be better? We love the Riddler because it’s run by women wunkerkind’s Jen Pelka, wine aficionado Marissa Payne and head of culinary, Shannon Walters. The Riddler is a super romantic champagne bar that also offers unique treats like a “tater tot waffle topped with prosciutto or caviar. It’s a popular spot in Hayes valley for it’s beautiful Paris style ambiance and wonderful champagne selections. Please pass the bubbly.



Most women I know when given the choice between food or cocktails would choose the latter. Overproof is the answer. A new concept in dining. The menu changes every three months and features a non-negotiable, reservations only four course meal that pairs food to cocktails rather than the other way around. May – July’s focus is on whiskey. It’s a fun new way to dine. Take their Japanese whiskey avocado and seaweed pairing. Both Japanese whiskey and seaweed are popular items right now but finding a good selection is still not easy.



We’ve picked Uma Casa partly for it’s beautiful interior but mostly because it’s the ONLY Portuguese restaurant in San Francisco. Portugal is quickly becoming a secret vacation destination due to its interesting history, amazing ceramics and still highly affordable offerings. Get a taste of Portugal with unique selections like baked salt cod casserole, potatoes, caramelized onion, parsley aioli, crumbled olive and egg.



August 1 Five is absolutely beautiful from their aqua blue velvet set in booths to their gleaming white and silver floors and lighting. They tout themselves as a modern take on Indian food and judging by their menu it’s exactly that. Take their Citrus Shrimp made from shrimp, grapefruit, honey and shallots. Brunch is a perfect time to take a walk on the wild side with a Love Potion mimosa made of champagne, gold cordial, manzanilla, green chartreuse and oleo-saccharum. No, we don’t know what that last ingredient is either but it’s delicious.  




Okay, I confess, we only included Flores because it’s interior is so beautiful. The walls are recycled pale wood with floor to ceiling line art and basket chandeliers. But they also have great Mexican food. Located in the Mission.

Restaurant photos courtesy of Eater.com /  Feature photo courtesy of Igor Gorshov




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