5 Accessories that will Make You Want to Ditch Your Diet

Katie Bartels JewelryAzza Earrings, Farah Pendant

Bikini season is here and undoubtedly, many of us are trying our best to trim down by cutting those little sweet treats that end up in unwanted places. We have personally given up. We are 100% foodies with a heck of a sweet tooth, and we've decided to simply work our lives around this affliction. Our saving grace has been portion control and trade offs. If we want that cupcake at dinner, then we simply do a few extra sprints on the treadmill ... in theory. However, if you are fighting that good fight, and need to live vicariously for a second ... you can totally binge on our most scrumptious collection of accessories that will give you the gratification without the calories. Caution - these accessories are not edible! *wink* Enjoy!

xoxo, SS



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