Gifts for Mom We Want for Ourselves

Mother's Day is approaching and this year, we want to celebrate the woman inside the mom. That fiercely creative, independent rock star who makes the world go round. We've created a selection of one of a kind gifts that "shh, don't tell" we wanted to keep for ourselves. It was seriously all we could do to keep our paws off! I'm not kidding. But we didn't want to get in trouble with OUR moms so we behaved. Here's 6 ways to say "I love you" with our unique Mothers Day Gift Collection from our rising star designers.  No more macaroni necklaces, it's time for one of a kind grown up jewelry. 


We love these wrap style leather bracelets that pair beautifully with casual, relaxed looks like denim jeans and a flowing cardigan. The Sterling silver leather toggle bracelet is fun to wrap several different ways, while the leather cord with tattooed Tahitian pearls bracelet adds just a hint of understated glamour. These are made custom, so get your order in now! Our favorite of course, is the soft gray suede silver wrap bracelet that doubles as a choker and features a tiny diamond accent. Any way you go, these bracelets are a great Mother's Day Gift. 

 Leather wrap bracelet, sterling silver bracelet, Mothers Day, Pearl bracelet, leather cuffExplore now: Leather Toggle / Tattoo Pearl Bracelet / Leather Wrap Bracelet   



For moms who love the beauty of crystals and natural stones, we have a great selection to choose from. We are breathless over this smokey quartz ring for its modern shape and dramatic details. The simplicity of these raw diamond stud earrings  is set off by bold modern silver and gold prongs. Talk about one of a kind earrings! This raw garnet pendant is a beautiful way to wear statement jewelry in a low key way. 

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Clean, bold, no fuss, that's what we love about these signature pieces. The oxidized silver paired with organic freshwater pearl makes this an edgy, indie style ring great to pair with jeans. The raw diamond sterling silver ring can go either way for both day or evening. We love its clean modern look. The great thing about a sterling silver cuff like this one is it can completely "make" an outfit. 

PEARL RING, sterling silver cuff, diamond rings, band ring, silver ring, mothers day giftsExplore now: Pearl Ring / Silver Cuff / Diamond Sky Ring 



It's a great time to make pearls your gift of choice. We know that when it comes to pearls people generally stay classic so we've included this simple pearl pendant necklace and Tahitian pearl studs (Tahitian pearls are known for their amazing color). We couldn't resist throwing in a one of a kind piece, like this floating pearl ring, it has a Quad Quill buddy that's not to be missed. 

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We love charm jewelry because it's so interchangeable and because it's a fun way to start collecting memories. These four leaf clover, circle and lotus flower charm necklaces are covered in diamonds and set into oxidized silver for the perfect blend between sparkle and edgy. The simple oxidized sterling silver chain comes with a large clasp that makes it easy to switch out different charms and it also looks great on it's own.  For those looking to spend a little less, it makes a great gift. Last but not least, a truly unique piece, the diamond covered ancient arrowhead charm necklace. One thing is for sure, nobody else will have it. 


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Your mom is a rock star even if she doesn't play in a band and hopefully, you let her out to dance once in awhile. When she goes she'll look beautiful in these black pavé pieces. The black pyrite beaded bracelet has a great vintage look and who doesn't need some diamond cross earrings once in awhile? The pavé black diamond oversize ring with yellow diamond is a knockout piece for those who love big, bold, oversized rings. 

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Explore now: Pyrite Bracelet/Black Diamond Ring/Cross Earrings


Here's wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day. 


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