Mixing It Up

We’ve all seen sitcom episodes where characters find out at the last minute that the party they’ve been invited to is actually a costume party. They rush to the nearest costume shop, only to discover that most everything is sold it, save for a few odd items from entirely different costumes. The next thing you know, the canned studio laughter is set to high, as the character steps into the room wearing an unfortunate mix of clothing from either different periods in history, or a horse’s hind quarters with a psychedelic blouse and a Martha Washington powdered wig.

Fringe Top

The same fate can fall on those who dare to try wearing a bunch of trendy pieces all at once. We’ve already been warned that it’s a major fashion no-no to pile on too many of the same trends in one go. Attempting to mix and match items from different trends in a single outfit can be just as dicey if not done with a bit of forethought. The single most popular trend across the board so far this season has undoubtedly been fringe. We’ve seen it on everything from clothing, to handbags, to jewelry to shoes.

For example, when a fringed-top is the stand-out feature in your ensemble, it’s important to avoid the temptation to add on more fringe. This doesn’t mean however, that the rest of your outfit needs to be neutral in order to be safe from a fashion fail. While 1970s looks are popular this summer, the risk of pairing fringe with ‘70s is a final fashion result that will leave you looking like you just stepped off the stage of Hair, the Musical. The ‘90s is also trending heavily, and choosing something from that decade instead, like a print mini-skirt, with shoes that are undeniably from the current decade, provides you with fresh look that doesn’t tip the scales over into silly.

Print mini skirt

Your accessory choice can be a no-brainer if you decide to go for ethnic jewelry. The magic of ethnic jewelry lies not only in its beauty, but also in its individuality and ability not to be associated with any particular era or style. Choosing eclectic pieces is an easy way to look original, authentic and like an individual with true style, as opposed to someone who is assembling their outfit from a costume shop at closing time.

“I like parties, but I don’t like piñatas, because the piñata promotes violence against flamboyant animals: ‘Hey, there’s a donkey with some pizazz. Let’s kick his ass!” ~ Demetri Martin

Photography: Alexandra Coppock 

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