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Plaid is not just a hot trend this season, it’s BIG, and we mean that literally. While gingham was all the rage for 2015, spring 2016 is all about oversized check patterns. You neither have to be Scottish, or a lumberjack to embrace the bold, new world of plaid. As plaid is a pattern that has been around forever, it may be hard to imagine it possible to reimagine it.

However, if designers were content to leave things as they are, without the magical gift of reinterpretation, fashion as we know it wouldn’t exist. With creatively clever resizing and brighter colors that go well beyond the old standby combinations, this longtime classic looks wonderfully modern and fresh. Playing off the mixed patterns trend, Marc Jacobs has upped the ante even further by creating abstract, floral print dresses, with a soft gingham pattern behind it. Victoria Beckham’s runway show for spring 2016 was bursting with plaid dresses with plunging necklines, unexpected color combinations and longer lengths. Stella McCartney is all about the longer length dresses as well, with ankle skimmers in plaids that go every which way.Christian Dior has gone in the opposite direction, with plaid mini-dresses, skirts and rompers. Wes Gordon has added a touch of undeniable felinity to his plaid creations, by adding a touch of delicate lace. While you might think that you only option for wearing plaid is to pair it with something monochromatic and plain, you would be wrong. It is perfectly acceptable to pair plaids with other plaids even if they aren’t in the same color scheme as well as pairing them with other prints.

“When I arrived in Carlotta, I thought of the words Marlowe had said to me over fifteen years ago: Dead men don't wear plaid. Huh. Dead men don't wear plaid. I still don't know what it means.” Steve Martin

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