Denim Dreams

One has to wonder, does the surge of popularity in bandanas  explain why denim shirts are so hot right now, or vice versa? While we may never know the answer, it is undeniable that denim and chambray shirts have become the front-runners of the denim world this season.

If you don’t already have one hanging in your closet, it is high time to rectify the situation. Among today’s denim shirt offerings you will find models of spacious and fitted silhouettes, dark blue indigo and light blue ones, simple minimalistic and with frills and flounces, even off the shoulder styles.

Wearing a denim shirt is a sophisticated, yet casual way to look good when at work or a night out with friends. Denim shirts can be worn with pretty much anything because there are so many different washes and styles. Try wearing a denim shirt with a pair of leather, black or white pants.

Remember, denim with denim is absolutely fine as long as your jeans, skirt or shorts are a similar, but not the same wash. A chambray shirt with skinny jeans and a long vest on top to offset the repetitive fabrics is a fabulous combination and denim shirts with white skirts is an easy high summer look that always looks fresh.If you’re shooting for pure sex appeal, a chambray shirt paired with a denim pencil skirt and high-heeled, sneakers is sure to hit the bullseye. Keep the versatility of jean shirts in mind as well, by tying them at the waist over a dress or open as a jacket.


Photography by: Elodie Durand

Feature Image: Mother Jeans

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