Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Circle and Square’s credo is ‘Fiercely Creative Independent Style.’ These particular words were chosen by our site’s founder, Bunny Touby Fayne, not because they are catchy, but because they have deep, personal meaning for her. As women, we are all very different from one another in looks, personality, age and ethnicity. Unfortunately, a lack of confidence in ourselves is all too often the one thing that as individuals we all share. It takes tremendous courage to truly love, accept, embrace and celebrate everything that makes you, you – both the good, along with whatever it is you have convinced yourself is not so good. We know all too well that mirrors can be terrible liars, especially when they are looked at through eyes that are distorted by the belief that we somehow lack perfection. The concept of perfection itself is a contradiction because on the one hand, perfection doesn’t exist. At the same time, we are all perfect, exactly as we are. At Circle and Square we have a deep-seated desire to empower and encourage women to shed the shackles of self-doubt that prevent us from finding and having faith in our best selves. Each week we display and offer the fashion world’s greatest and most up to the minute looks, along with blog posts that encourage our customers to follow the beat of their own personal style drummers. Starting next Saturday we are going to use this forum to focus on different women who we feel best represent the essence of what it really means to believe in yourself. We look forward to seeing you here!

Hillary Shawaf

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Melanie S Howard

I look forward to future columns!

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