Cut it Out

Cut it Out

We all have a body part that we feel is our most beautiful, or at the very least, our greatest asset. This is the personal part of ourselves that we would love to show off given the chance, but isn’t always possible due to the dictates of popular style at any particular time. Cutouts have ripped through the fashion industry —so much so that the sliced detail is nearing "classic" territory. Regardless of whether you are partial to your shoulders, your midriff, your arms, your back, your waist or your hips, rest assured, there is a cut-out that will feel tailor made for you. Shoulders seem to be getting the lion’s share of exposure this season, not only in cut-out pieces, but also thanks to the resurgence of off-the shoulder looks. According to many designers, Cut Out Shoulders is much more sensual than a deep neckline. Clothing with Cut Out Shoulders can be found not only on light dresses and T-shirts but also on sweaters and jackets. Tops, ending with asymmetric cuts on the neck, are another version of this new trend. Shrugging off the shoulders, we're seeing peek-a-boo details at the waist, right above the stomach and even examples of hip cleavage cut-outs. Whether it's slashes or circles revealing that flash of flesh, cut-outs in bright, bold colors can be a quirky but modest way to show off a bit of skin this summer. Designer Stella McCartney is playing it subtle with cut-away shapes in trousers and cozy knits. Proenza Schouler showed spliced oversize sweaters that revealed just a teensy hint of skin and over at Celine, tunics are cut with symmetrical spheres into the sides, exposing waists. Though the cut-out look can sound daring and maybe too over-exposed for some, comfort can be taken in the fact that even though these looks are sliced and slashed, most of them aren't too revealing. If you’re more conservative, it’s easier to maintain a cool, ladylike vibe if you eschew the belly button–baring pieces and side boob–showing silhouettes for something more subtle. To translate the look into your own wardrobe, be sure to create a balanced look by covering up elsewhere—the term "less is more" really applies here. If you're trying out the look with a dress, make sure it's a style that hits no higher than the knee; if you're trying the trend with a crop top, pair it with a voluminous pant, like a dramatic culottes. “When you cut into the present the future leaks out.” ~William Burroughs

Photography by: Elodie Durand

Makeup Artist: Karl Sanchez

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