Bombs Away

Bomber jackets are exploding as THE jacket to wear for fall. Word on the style street is that we have Yeezy, better known as Kanye West, to thank for the resurgence of the Bomber. Thank you, but no thank you. We prefer to think that the Bomber is back because of the irrefutable fact that Bomber jackets are plain old da bomb!The flight jacket, bomber, or bombardier jacket refers to a cover-up originally created for pilots, but you don’t have to step anywhere near an airplane to fly high in this jacket du jour. This cover-up is a cool classic what you can throw over any outfit, no matter if it's a formal suit, urban separates or a cocktail dress. They provide a sporty edge to any outfit, either dressed up or dressed down, and are the perfect lightweight layering piece to take you from morning to evening. The original pilot’s Bombers were made of leather. Despite what you may think, Bombers don’t have to be sporty or boyish. While the cut has remained essentially the same, today's Bombers come in every fabric you can imagine including, silky textures, leather, lace, fur, sheer, and simple jersey.In other words, there’s a Bomber for everyone. If you’re into leather, there are some fabulous updated versions to be found in warmish weather friendly lightweight leathers in every color of the rainbow. As the temperatures climb, swap out your leather for satin Bombers, in silky jewel tones, bright silver or Eastern-inspired silk embroidered and meshed styles. Since more is currently more and then some, we even have Bombers sprinkled with sequins. Bombers are an equal opportunity shoe jacket and can be worn with heels, sneakers, beautiful, sneakers and evening pumps.


Photography by: Elodie Durand

Feature Image: Y/Project 

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  • Maria Khan

    Love the whole look. Fab.

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