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Pajama Party

by Bunny Fayne |





Many women swear by the “What would Audrey do?” litmus test for style, particularly when considering whether a new trend could or even should be pulled off. If it’s something that one might find in a fashion chapter from the life of the late style icon, Audrey Hepburn, it’s often a go.
Other women look to the late Coco Chanel as the final word on what should or should not be considered chic or attempt-worthy.
Boudoir elegance, or to put it more simply, wearing your pajamas out of the house, is one of the latest and just a wee bit daunting trends, to come out of the spring 2016 runway season.
Team Coco can tell you with full confidence that pajama dressing was not only a favorite style of Ms. Chanel’s more than 100 years ago. She was so enamored in fact with wearing the ultimate in luxury, high fashion crossed with comfort, she produced she even produced couture pajamas for her best clients.
Athleisure, which consists of things like yoga pants and hoodies, has been the go-to style of comfort, street wear for the last several years.
Being given permission to wear pajamas out of the confines of our home is a concept that is tough to wrap one’s head around. The disconnect undoubtedly lies in the fact that no one is suggesting that you strut down the street looking like you overslept, rolled out of bed and headed out the door.
We’re talking fancy pajamas, worn in unexpected ways. Think silky, boudoir-inspired blouses instead of jersey performance tanks, and smoking slippers over statement sneakers.
Also think of the figure-flattering perks that pajamas offer. “Pajama pants are a lot more forgiving than leggings,” says Salvador Perez, a Los Angeles-based costume designer. “Pajama pants don’t care if you had a burger for lunch. Leggings will judge you, harshly.”
Be it silk or cotton, a pajama top is a chic alternative to a traditional button-down shirt. The accented piping and more open neckline make the top a perfect pairing to jeans, pencil skirts, and denim shorts. Instead of a jacket, opt for a kimono-style robe. Belt it over a pair of jeans and thin knit sweater.
If you’re going to choose a matching pajama set, go silk. Finish the look with a pair of the Uber-popular, Gucci fur-lined slippers. Pajamas in a solid silk or satin can look like a fabulous pantsuit. For evening try a black silk pajama set, with sleeves rolled up, stilettos and a bright red lip.
Another piece worth a look is the romantic, Old Hollywood-inspired crushed velvet gown-like robe. It can be worn on its own as an evening piece, or over jeans, open at the bottom
“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know.”
Groucho Marx



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