Fringe Benefits





fringe-benefitsYou’d have to be living on the fringes of society not to have noticed the current proliferation of fringe in fashion. Put simply, if you’re not rocking fringe already, what are you waiting for?

Few styles have that one –two punch of being both totally sophisticated and fabulously fun to wear.

Fringe has been around for years. Think roaring ’20s and tassels dancing around bodies on flappers. It was all rebel, yet super- glamorous. Later on, the 70s brought the fringe back into spotlight with a more bohemian-unglamorous-yet-incredibly-cool take. Fringes on suede jackets or skirts were huge.

This season, shredded hemlines on skirts and dresses have been seen on the catwalks at just about every major designer’s shows, as have stylishly slashed edges on pantsshirtssweaters, jackets, bags, shoes, sandals, earrings and necklaces.

Fringe on clothes or accessories have the magic power of looking trendy, AND versatile. So they can basically go from music-festival-style to office-hours-look, and all the styles in between.

Whether it’s on the sleeves of a leather jacket or subtly accenting the hem of a skirt, the long strands dance with every gentle breeze. The style is ideal for weekend dressing: relaxed, effortlessly cool.

The look can be applied for that perfect dose of modern bohemian, offering intrigue with a dose of texture in small — or big — doses.

It is most definitely best to proceed with a modicum of caution when incorporating fringe into your wardrobe, as it can easily read too costume-y if you take it too far. Pairing your fringe piece with something modern or minimalist will offset any potential rodeo vibes.

At the same time, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by fringe. Worn judiciously and with a bit of thought, fringe is super-easy to pull off with smashing results. Best of all, it can be worn absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

“I adore fringe.” Diana Vreeland


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