Neutral Territory

Look up neutral in the dictionary and two of the synonyms you’ll find include the words bland and unremarkable. Neutrals are a key component in every wardrobe, but certainly not because we’re aspiring to look like either of these descriptions. When we think of neutrals, the colors white, black, navy, grey, brown and beige come to mind. The new neutrals however, are anything, but bland and unremarkable. Same of the latest neutrals have luscious names like Hazy Taupe, Quartz Gray, Oyster Pink, Strawberry Ice, Custard Yellow, Persimmon, Butterscotch, and Iced Coffee. Metallic colors, such as silver, gold, copper, gunmetal, bronze and pewter also fall under the category of neutrals. With all of these heavenly hues to choose from, it almost makes one tempted to come up with a new name for neutrals that doesn’t sound so, well, neutral! The go-to assumption is that neutrals need to be off-set by something very colorful in order for an outfit to get you noticed. However, not only is there is nothing wrong with wearing all neutrals, wearing them together in the right combinations can create an outfit that stands on its own. Since we all tend to have more neutral pieces in our closets than anything else, become a master of pairing them successfully together and you will find that your wardrobe will grow exponentially without making a dent in your clothing budget. Go-to neutral combos like black and white, navy and white and camel and white always look great together and will never go out of style. Many other neutrals are natural matches that will refresh your spring look like a soft and chic breeze. Stone whites, sand tones, and blushes worn with black make for a stunning quartet. Swap out the black for camel and you’ll be surprised at the amount of impact that can be made with this oh-so subtle switch. Gray is without doubt the most versatile of all neutrals and currently it’s being seen paired with camel everywhere, both on and off the runway. Add spark to your gray and camel by layering on some gold jewelry and some gold sandals for an all neutral look that absolutely glows.

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