Welcome Back 90's

Welcome Back 90's

Nostalgia fashion trends are nothing new. At its core, fashion is a design form that is both driven by a desire for the new, and a love of the old. While fashion is defined by constant change, contemporary fashion and vintage fashion so often cross paths, it’s easy to wonder if there will ever be anything ‘new’ about clothing ever again. Many vintage loyalists use vintage fashion as a way to recreate an era that they feel was a ‘better time’ than we are living in now. For those who weren’t “there” the first time around, nostalgia trends are the perfect way to be a living, or rather wearing, example of the phrase, “Everything old is new again.” Currently it’s the 90s that have snuck up from behind and tapped us on the style shoulder in too noticeable a way to ignore. Perhaps it’s not surprising then that one of the most popular shows on TV right now is Friends. The 90s themselves weren’t an era of a singularly popular look or style. The fashion camps were broken up into more than just a couple of tribes including Grunge and what we’ll refer to as, “Sexy School Girl.” If you’re a fan of flannel shirts, leather biker jackets, Doc Martens, ripped jeans and wearing said flannel shirt tied around your waist, then bust out your Nirvana and rejoice! It’s ALL back. Though its original message is neither here nor there now, if you’re all about comfort and covering up, then the Grunge look is for you. Those of you who are grateful for an opportunity to show off what all those sweat-inducing sessions at the gym have rewarded you with, you too are in luck. Crop tops, slip dresses, floral dresses, short shorts worn with tights and sky-high platform shoes – they’re all back in full fashion swing. Like with any other nostalgia trend, we’re thrilled to warmly embrace certain items, but we’d just as soon see some others stay exactly where they were – in the past. Who doesn’t love denim jackets, chokers, and dare we admit it, the so ugly, but undeniably comfortable and beautiful with the right outfit pair of Birkenstocks? Now, for the least bit dynamic duo – Mom jeans and Scrunchies. Do we really have to explain?

‘Nostalgia is not what it used to be.” ~ Simone Signoret ~


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