Elegance is Elimination

Blouse / Necklace / Skirt / Clutch / Lipstick / Shoes / Ring

Save for a few exceptions, who doesn’t or hasn’t ever wanted to be the epitome of elegance?

There is a reason that the late film and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, was and still is considered to be elegance personified.Elegance starts from the inside out, and authenticity is the key to self-confidence. Knowing and loving yourself, is what makes you feel secure. Hepburn was never anything other than herself, authentic to the core. It is often mistakenly assumed that true elegance is unattainable without the possession of class and wealth. While it’s true that elegance can be found in luxury, luxury doesn’t have to be found in elegance.

The secret to dressing elegantly lies in the art of self-restraint. It’s all about uncluttered looks with clean, simple lines, minus an overabundance of frills and extraneous details. The focus should be on you and you, and that means that you can’t allow yourself to be eclipsed by either your clothes or your accessories. Beautiful tailoring is crucial, so your clothes are neither too tight, nor too loose, giving you natural ease of movement. The rule about restraint follows through to your shopping expeditions and the amount of inventory in your closet.

It’s far better to have two or three pairs of well made, classic shoes, rather than forty or fifty pairs of inexpensive and trendy knock-offs. If you want to pull off elegance correctly, you should have fewer clothes than many people, instead preferring classics that are worn more times, rather than trendy pieces that get discarded after one season. Despite common misconceptions to the contrary, no one is born elegant — the fine art of true elegance is something that is learned. Best of all, anyone can learn it.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” –– Coco Chanel


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