Playing it Softly

playing-it-softlyplaying-it-softlyplaying-it-softly playing-it-softly

Play it softly, but don’t necessarily carry a nude lipstick.

Dressing softly doesn’t equate to looking dainty, meek, timid or bland, because we know all too well that there are few greater crimes against fashion than looking bland.
A life well-lived never, ever includes the word limit, and neither should your imagination when it comes to dressing.
Light cashmere sweaters are the epitome of soft, as well as being an invaluable wardrobe essential. Unless you live in a climate controlled bubble, it’s all about layering, but this story doesn’t end with cashmere sweaters.
When you think of softness, in addition to cashmere, think silk, satincharmeusecottonchiffon, lace and tulle.
And of course, feeling in fashion goes well the beyond the tactile.
Playing it softly is a state of mind. It is all about pairing pieces that are ethereal, airy, flowing, breezy, lightweight and most of all, effortless.
Be soft, but never surrender.

“A thousand dreams within me softly burn.” Arthur Rimbaud


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