12 Movies in 3 Days

First stop is to get to your place and unpack your duds.

Must've passed by this place a hundred times.

You need a little sustenance to sit for hours on end (your end).

Okay. Spirits not flagging and ready for some lights, camera, action.

 A river runs through it. Nothing like a gurgling stream or a conscious one.

Even Cowgirls get the blues. Diamonds perk you right up.Next up: Stop and smell the roses or whatever those are.

Corned Beef Hash with a melt in your mouth biscuit. Great grub at The New Sheridan Hotel.

My ride finally has arrived. What? You were expecting a Rolls? It rolls.

Vittles (Cowgirl speak) Yeah! Seared Foie Gras.. You got a problem with that? Fab!
My favorite picture? Actually I had two. #1 The Insult #2 The Rider. I like simple titles. Spectacular films.
"I can't quit you Telluride.. you're under my skin now"

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