You're the Canvas

November 05, 2018

You're the Canvas

Select a few basics garments from your closet. Including tops, bottoms, and shoes this will be your backdrop, you’re the canvas. While pulling items from your closet don’t include any accessories like purses or jewelry. The usage of accessories will be your paint, how add your personal touch and cater your look to any occasion.


Start with 10 functional pieces creating your back drop, (like a good color on a wall you are setting up your wardrobe for easy fast dressing). What will be your wow factor looking incredible and getting dressed in under 25 mins.


Once again, start pulling out of your own closet, easy peezy basics that are comfortable, limit yourself to neutral colors like beige, black, white and grey. Keeping within this color palette you can layer easily as the weather gets colder. Also no one will notice when your wearing them over and over.

Silhouettes and proportions: If your tops are fitted than add fuller bottoms, and visa versa. A cropped cardigan for your high-waisted pants.
Now that you have your canvas prepped and ready for painting add your new awesome accessories.
Earrings by Katie Bartels: Estella and Azza Earrings will always will be stylish statement pieces. Look for that major pop of color.



Stacks of bling by Nan Fusco: Fringed Diamond Round ID and Vuliwear Sunglasses.

Baby bags and fanny packs another major trend for some of us a fashion repeat only updated.
Bags by Viabuia: Pupa Mini Camera Bag sooo good with neutrals.


Belts by Lacambra: For your high waisted pants.

You are in complete control with all your looks of how casual or dressed up you would like and can easily transform all these looks from night to day. Never get stuck again spending hours staring into your closet waiting for your clothes to speak to you. You have now created a dialog between you and your clothes and some KEY accessory pieces to take control of your aesthetic.





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