Wine, Dine and Shine

June 22, 2017

Wine, Dine and Shine

We all have those killer go-to combinations like plum and peony, or summer dresses and gladiators; they just work together. As we accessorize and mix and match our outfits for the hot Summer scene, there are other pairings that are worth some thought too. Wine is one of those wonder elixirs of life that we all love or want to love. And when it comes to food pairings, we know that, just like fashion accessories, some pairings work better than others. But let’s be honest, wine etiquette can also be a little intimidating. So, we thought we would put together a quick hit list of 4 awesome wine and food pairings, so you can look like a pro the next time you’re in the hostess seat. And when you raise your glasses for a toast to long life and happiness, make sure your hands are sufficiently bejeweled for the spotlight! Yes - details matter! Fresh manicures and statement rings are definitely in order, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wine-worthy gems for you. Let's make a toast to an endless Summer adorned with friends, family and...epic style. Enjoy!


1. Malbec + BBQ

Summer is synonymous with Barbeques. Many of us will be firing up those grills with our favorite saucy recipes. If Barbequed anything is on your summer menu, then be sure to pick up a bottle of Malbec, which is bold enough to counteract your grandmother’s sweet and tangy recipes. Speaking of bold, Amanda Pearl's Floating Pearl Bracelet is a bold twist on these timeless gems. Raise your glasses and let these beauties do the talking.


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2. Chardonnay + Fatty Fishes

If Salmon is for dinner, or any other fish in a flavorful sauce, then a smooth, fruity Chilean or Australian Chardonnay may be in order. Born in the Burgundy region of France, Chardonnay is one of the most popular white wines today. Likewise, the white pearl is one of the most beloved staples of all accessories. We've featured a few of our white pearls below, and these come with a little bit of an edge.



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3. Cabernet Sauvignon + Red Meat

Steak, lamb chops, or a nice pot roast with spicy rubs and soy sauce marinades – these succulent red meat dishes all call for Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine – one of the most popular red wine grape varieties – known for its high tannins. Tannins, however, give wine its dry, astringent taste, so if you aren’t a fan of this dryness, you may opt for a Merlot instead.



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4. Pinot Noir + Earthy Flavors

Pinot Noir is one of the more versatile wines. However, any dish with earthy flavors such as mushrooms and truffles, or legumes such as lentils, will pair particularly nicely with this light-bodied red. Pinot Noir is known to be less tannic, with some blends leaning more on the earthy side, and others on the more fruity side. When we think of earthy flavors, we think of these gems with rich, earthy hues. Sip and sparkle with a few of our hand-picked favorites.


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