White Boots -- My Latest Obsession

November 07, 2017

White Boots -- My Latest Obsession


White Boots ObsessionPHOTO CREDPinterest


It's funny how you really have to see things on and in a certain light before you can really make a final opinion on them. Over the years, I've learnt to keep an open mind about things, just because you really never know. I would never wear wide legs or bell bottoms, I once said. Wrong. High-waisted jeans were awkward. Wrong again. This is how I feel about white boots. Never in a million years did I see myself being a fan of any kind of white shoes period. Other than sneakers, of course. But this year, this season, white booties have stolen my heart.


Stiletto White BootsPHOTO CRED: Pinterest


The only thing to decide now, is which style to go for. This is definitely not one of those styles I'll buy more than one pair of. I kinda like the stiletto bootie. I don't think it quite matches my personality, but it definitely has a vibe to it. On the other end of the spectrum are those with a chunkier heel, which can have a very couture flare to them.


Chunky heel bootiesPHOTO CREDPinterest


I think the best style for me personally is a medium heel, short, pointy-toe, angular bootie. I'm absolutely in love with them. To me, they look so elegant, so chic ... but still pack beaucoup edge.


Elegant White BootiesPHOTO CREDPinterest


They look amazing with cropped skinny jeans or wide legs...or even a mid-length dress.


White Booties with mid-length skirtPHOTO CREDPinterest


But don't let me sway you. There are loads to choose from to match your own unique style. Western, knee-highs ... the options are countless. And so while I have never been the one to chase "trends," this new hit has definitely opened my eyes to something I could have sworn would end up on my "I-would-never" list. Never say never, they say. Timing and context are everything. I'll leave you with that :-) xo




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