Inspiring Coffee Table Books for Summer

May 31, 2017

Inspiring Coffee Table Books for Summer

If you, enjoy slipping into a dreamlike state with a book in Summer (and who doesn’t?) we have three spectacular, “must-have” coffee table books for you. Today, literature and fashion collide, as we allow our favorite books to inspire our favorite accessories.

1. DINERS DE GALA, by Salvador Dali

What could be better for those who love art and also love to cook than Salvador Dali’s Le Diners de Gala which features 136 recipes created by his wife Gala, accompanied by Dali’s surreal illustrations. First published in the 1970s it’s been re-released and is sure to become a collector’s item. We thought our The Wooden Hatbox Clutch was the perfect ode to Dali's surrealism and unique aesthetic. 

2. HAVANA, by Bernhard Hartmann

Cuba, long prohibited and requiring tricky means to visit and experience the warmth and colors of it’s culture, is on everyone’s mind with the reduction in regulations and recent death of Castro. Consider it a bit of a gold rush with anyone who’s anyone rushing to visit. Who can resist the allure of its back in time quality? What more beautiful way to get a taste of this amazing, vibrant and colorful culture before it disappears under neon McDonald signs than to get Bernhard Hartmann’s book Havana, which features breathtaking photos of the capital. The Metallic Leather Nadia Fringe Clutch is perfect for those warm Havana nights.


In a recent poll, when asked what were people’s favorite activities for fun, the answer was a resounding, Wine! Wine collectors may rejoice and be challenged by this limited edition, collectors coffee table book entitled The Impossible Collection of Wine: 100 Most Exceptional Vintages of the Twentieth Century, by Enrico Bernardo which comes in its very own box made from wine casks. The collection will put any collector to the test, as well as being an interesting and beautiful history of wine and winemaking. We’ve paired the White Gold and Tahitian Pearl Skinny Needle Pendant Necklace with this book for it’s “wine” silhouette and unique look.

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1. The Wooden Hatbox Clutch captures the essence of Dali's surreal art. 

2. Les Diners de Gala, by Salvador Dali

3. Metallic Leather Nadia Fringe Clutch captures the essence of Havana's warm nights.  

4. The Impossible Collections of Wine, by Enrico Bernardo

5. White Gold and Tahitian Pearl Skinny Needle Pendant Necklace has a unique shape reminiscent of a wine bottle and is just as unique as these collectors wines. 

6. Havana, by Bernhard Hartmann





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